Shimmer (The Rephaim Book III)

Gaby thought her life couldn’t get more complicated.

She’s almost used to the idea that she’s not the nineteen-year-old backpacker she thought she was. She can just about cope with being one of the Rephaim – a 140-year-old half-angel – whose memories have been stolen. She’s even coming to grips with the fact that Jude, the brother she’s mourned for a year, didn’t die at all. But now Rafa—sexy, infuriating Rafa—is being held, and hurt, by Gatekeeper demons. And Gaby has to get the bitterly divided Rephaim to work together, or Rafa has no chance at all.

It’s a race against time – and history. And it may already be too late.

‘have been dying to get my hands on the third book of the Rephaim series ever since Haze officially turned the Rephaim series into my favourite angel series ever. The tension is palpable and the pacing is sharp making Shimmer the most fierce and kick-arse book in the series so far…I haven’t been this pumped for a series since those early Hunger Games days.’.’


‘Late for dinner, late for work, late late late. Thanks so much, Paula Weston. I picked up Shimmer and forgot everything else…a gripping tale of half angels, demons, love, sacrifice and very cool violence, wrapped up in one nicely written package.’

Adelaide Advertising

‘Paula Weston is the queen of cliff-hanger endings, and this one’s going to blow your mind! I have absolutely loved reading Shimmer, and can’t praise the Rephaim series highly enough.’

Speculating on Spec Fic

This series has all of my favourite things – gloriously entertaining romance, heart-stopping action, clever and interesting plot – all skilfully tied together with barrels of tension and emotion. It’s angels without the accompanying drone of been-there-done-that paranormal fiction.

Realm of Fiction

‘Shimmer is another stellar instalment in this, the best Angel-themed paranormal series I’ve ever read, and it’s so much heart-palpitating fun that I don’t even mind being led back to that cliffhanger rock-face again for the ending.’

Alpha Reader (Danielle Binks, author of The Year the Maps Changed and The Monster of her Age)

‘Fast-paced and action-packed, this book doesn’t stop from page one.’

Launceston Examiner

‘Beautiful writing, witty dialogue, badass characters and an intense and richly-crafted tale, what else can you ask for? If you want an angel series that will blow your mind away, this is the one. Now, I only have one question: where’s book 4?’

YA Midnight Reads

‘After finishing Shimmer, I can’t suppress the urge to tell everyone I know just how great a series the Rephaim books are…This series is one of my favourite urban fantasy reads and without a doubt my all time favourite angel series.’

Fictional Thoughts

This is definitely a series that comes around once every few years and damn….I LOVE IT!

The Perks of Being A Book N erd


  • Australia and New Zealand (Text Publishing)
  • United Kingdom (Indigo Books – Hachette Children’s Group)
  • Canada & United States (Tundra Books/Random House Canada)
  • Turkey (Turkish)  (Yabanci Yayinlari)
  • Everywhere else (English language): check your local book stores or try Amazon (for hard copy and kindle editions)


  1. Taryn says:

    Hi Paula!
    I am SOOOO happy that I picked up Shadows, because I think it is my favorite series now. I read Shadows and Haze within two days, because I couldn’t put either of the books down! I haven’t read a series I really, truly love in such a long time! Im also super obssesed with Rafa, I really wish he was a real person because he has so much personality and I love it! He’s also like, super hot hehehe. He is one of the hottest guys I have ever read about. So I thank you for creating this masterpiece of a series!
    I also have a serious question. I live in the U.S and I can’t find Shimmer anywhere! It’s really stressing me out because I want to read it soooo bad. Has it come out in the U.S yet? Or do I have to order it online?

    Many Thanks, from a seriously obssesed teenager

    1. paulaweston says:

      Hi Taryn,
      I’m happy you picked up Shadows too! 🙂 Okay, so here’s the story about Shimmer: it won’t be released in the US until March 2016 (in paperback). The good news is that Burn will only be a few months later in June 2016.
      I realise that’s not ideal, especially given how Haze ends…
      Shimmer is available in other parts of the world in different editions (with a few word changes here and there to suit local markets), but of course you then have the issue of different prices and format and cost of postage. If you were super keen, I’d recommend the Australian edition through my Australian publisher:, but that certainly won’t be as economical as waiting for you local edition.
      If you look online, you’ll probably find other options. I like to encourage people to buy the edition in their country, but I understand your impatience. 🙂
      Thanks for the message. Hope this is helpful.

  2. Tarissa Williamson says:

    Hi Paula,
    I just wanted to update you on the status of your Rephaim series. I have ordered all three from the UK, and have just started Shimmer. I will pre-order Burn when it is comes available. (again from the UK) That way I have the full set!

    1. paulaweston says:

      Thanks for the update! Hope you enjoy all three – and the wait for the fourth is not toooo long. 🙂

  3. Tarissa Williamson says:

    Hi Paula, I am a big fan of the Rephaim series. I live in the US and was aware that it wouldn’t come out here until 2015. I just got an email from Amazon saying there was another delay and that release date here has been pushed to 2016. Do you know anything about this? Is there a way that I can purchase the book from Australia?

    1. paulaweston says:

      Hi Tarissa – that is totally news to me. As far as I’m aware, everything is still on schedule for Shimmer to be released in North America in 2015 and Burn in 2016. But I’ll double-check and confirm.

      1. Jen says:

        yes please let us know about the US/CAN release…I also had my copy of Shimmer dissapear from my online bookstore’s showing up in 2016 as paperback, but I wanted the Hardcover. Perhaps just a glitch?? Keep us posted! Thanks!

        1. paulaweston says:

          I hope it’s a glitch. Am on the case!

      2. paulaweston says:

        Okay – I’ve had clarification on the release dates for North America. With Haze coming out in paperback this year (September), my publishers have decided to stick with the paperback (and ebook) format from here on in. So that means Shimmer will now be released in the US and Canada in March 2016, which is the original date planned for the paperback. The good news is that Burn will the be only three months later in June 2016. So…a longer wait between Haze and Shimmer, but Burn is still on track for 2016. I wish I had better news, but the hard covers haven’t sold as well as hoped, so the plan is to focus on the paperbacks and hope that more readers in your part of the world discover the series. 🙂

  4. Jacqueline says:

    Hi! I love your books! I’m just so sad to realize that Shimmer isn’t coming out until 2015 in the US 🙁
    Why such a lag in release date? I want to read it now!!!

    1. paulaweston says:

      Sorry for the delay! That’s just how the series has fitted into my North American publisher’s schedule. They have brought Shimmer’s date forward so it’s not a whole year of waiting… (coming out early June rather than September). So that’s something. 🙂 Glad you’re enjoying the series.

  5. Nouran says:

    Hi, I’m in looove with the series. Ever since I bought Shadows and read it I couldn’t resist getting Haze as well! The story is amazing really and I love all the characters especially Gaby and Rafa. But I don’t know where to find Shimmer 🙁 I live in Dubai and I’ve looked in many book stores but couldn’t find it and I’m dyyyiing to read it so if u have any idea about how I can get it please tell me? And btw you are my FAVORITE author I love youu!

    1. paulaweston says:

      Hi Nouran! Thanks for the lovely email. 🙂 I think my UK publisher (Indigo/Orion) provides the English language version of my books in UAE, so hopefully your local book store can order it in. Otherwise, you could try ordering it direct from Orion (if not too expensive, of course): . Let me know how you go!

  6. Robyn says:

    I can not wait to read Shimmer!! My friend and I bought Haze as soon as it came out. I stayed up till 2am reading and she didn’t sleep at all. Fairly sure she actually called in sick to work that day. Hahaha. So addictive. The lovely girls at Dymocks Chermside recommended it to us. 🙂

    1. paulaweston says:

      Thanks so much! And thank the lovely girls at Dymocks Chermside when you’re next in! Also, if you’re free on 3 July, feel free to come along to the Shimmer launch (just RSVP first!). It would be lovely to meet you.

      1. Sarah Hamersley says:

        Hi, LOVE your shadows books! I feel really connected with all the characters, especially Gaby and Rafa- I feel like they are my best friends. Haze is possibly the BEST book ever and I am seriously having trouble thinking about anything else! I have preordered shimmer and CAN’T WAIT! OMG!! After that i will totally demolish Burn:) Me and my friends think you should totally make a movie series out of it! I cried when Gaby found Jude:(( The only problem is that I am really worried about what happens to Rafa….I know it’s weird but I feel like he is one of my best friends. Will he be okay, Paula?

        1. paulaweston says:

          Hi Sarah!
          Thanks for that great message. Well, I can’t give too much away about Shimmer, but I’ll ask you trust me as a storyteller…:) And you’ll have a teeny wait for Burn because I’m still writing it! (It’s due out next year). Thanks so much for letting me know you’re enjoying the series. I hope you enjoy Shimmer just as much.

  7. Zoe says:

    Hi Paula! Less than one month till Shimmer comes out, fist pump! Any chance of an excerpt or a teaser chapter? So excited!

    1. paulaweston says:

      Hey Zoe 🙂
      I’m hoping to get a teaser chapter up this week, all going to plan! Stay tuned…

  8. ashbye87 says:

    Hi Paula

    Wow! I just stumbled across Shadows a few days ago and now I have finished both books – I seriously could not put them down (it means I now have to write a uni assignment in 10 hours instead of 3 days but I really don’t care, it was so worth it!!!) There was just so much action and it is such a great concept – I’ve read a few other series about angels/watchers/nephilim/rephaim recently and this has topped all of them! The characters are fantastic as well – I’m DYING to know what happened between Gaby and Rafa in the past!!

    I think the thing I love most of all, though, is that it hasn’t been censored like so many American YA books are – did it have to be dialled down at all for publication over there?

    I can’t wait for Shimmer – not sure how I’m going to go waiting for the last book once I demolish that!!! :s


    1. paulaweston says:

      Hi Ash,
      Thanks for the message! Glad you’re enjoying the series. 🙂
      To answer your question, my books haven’t been dialled down at all for the American market. It possibly helps that my North American publisher is based in Canada. 🙂 The only changes in the US/Canadian edition have been very minor and relate to finding alternatives for words/lingo that have no meaning outside of Australia – all of which I was comfortable with. The books have definitely kept their Australian flavour over there, which I love.
      Good luck with the assignment!

  9. I am so EXCITED about this. Of course i am also purchasing my own copy, but i wanted to know if there will be ARCs too?

    1. paulaweston says:

      Hello! I’ve sent you a message on Goodreads. 🙂

  10. Hayley (again) says:

    Feel free to dedicate it to your biggest fan! (Me) HAHAHAHAHAH jks 😉 😉

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