I’m the author of the Rephaim series and The Undercurrent (a stand-alone speculative thriller).

For my day job, I’m a writer-journalist-professional communicator, where my writing involves a lot less profanity.

I grew up in regional South Australia and now live in the Scenic Rim in Queensland with my husband and a retired greyhound.

If you’re interested in how I came to land a publishing deal, you can read the short version in this post from August 2011. There’s a longer version (in a guest post) here.



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Hachette Children’s Group

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Tundra Books/Random House Canada

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My literary agent:
Lyn Tranter
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Paula Weston


  1. Gretta Condon says:

    Is there any chance we can get some hits as to what will happen in Burn?

    1. paulaweston says:

      I really don’t want to give too much away, but I will say you’ll get answers to all the big questions, including what happened between Rafa and Gabe, and what Jude and Gaby did before they lost their memories. What that all means now…well, that’s what the book’s about!

      1. Gretta Condon says:

        Thanks I really appreciate you replying to me.

  2. Gretta Condon says:

    I am so EXCITED for burn to come out. I’ve actually got butterflies and its not coming out for like 7 months.
    Goodness I just can’t wait.
    Paula western is an AMAZING writer and has me hooked so bad on her books.
    I have a feeling that I will read these books many times over.

    1. Gretta Condon says:

      Do you think you could do an early release for Burn?
      Pretty please with cherries on top.?

      1. paulaweston says:

        Hi Gretta,
        The release date is firmly set for Burn – so no early option, sorry! – but I’m sure we’ll have a teaser chapter or two when the time gets closer. 🙂

        1. Gretta Condon says:

          Well now I know I only have 5 months to wait it’s okay that the book can’t be released early.
          Thanks so much for replying to me.

    2. paulaweston says:

      Hi Gretta! Thanks so much. Just so you know, if you’re in Australia you’ve only got five months to wait for Burn (slightly better than seven). 🙂

      1. Gretta Condon says:

        Goodness now I’m so excited I think I’ll explode.
        CAN’T WAIT!

        1. Gretta Condon says:

          Also I am Australian. YAY!

  3. Hannah says:

    I found the first book on iTunes 2 days ago and have just read the entire series since then. I started Shimmer about 5 hours ago and have just finished so I went online to find the next one and I had no idea Shimmer only just came out! I’m devastated that I need to wait for the fourth book!! Please tell me it’s not too far away?! It’s a fantastic series and I can’t wait to see/read what happens next. As an Australian it’s been comforting to read about familiar places, I’m the kind of person who can’t put a book down and will read well into the night despite an early start tomorrow and a splitting headache. Hence why I’m writing here at 2:30am after spending the last hour online looking for the next instalment 🙂 it’s a compliment to you and your writing style and I can’t wait to see what happens next.
    Thanks so much,
    Hannah 🙂

    1. paulaweston says:

      Hi Hannah,
      Thanks so much for that awesome message! And yes, Shimmer only came out yesterday, so (deep breath), Burn won’t be out until around this time next year…. I’m still writing it! But it’s well advanced, if that’s any consolation. I don’t have a definitive release date, but I imagine it will be around June again. Sorry about that! I hope your headache has settled and you got some last night. 🙂 Thanks again for the message.

    2. Gretta Condon says:

      I so agree with you but I am still in school so I have to get some sleep. I fou d it so hard to put these books down, trust me it took a lot of will power. And I just can’t wait for Burn to come out.

  4. Laura says:

    Hi Paula, I came across your books quite by accident on the weekend and must say I have really enjoyed the series thus far. I can’t wait to see what the next chapter brings for the characters, in particular, Gabe/Gaby. The way in which you have let her two personalities develop and join to become a new identity altogether is fascinating. Thank you for sharing your stories with us readers – it is always exciting to find an Australian authoress that writes with such passion.

    1. paulaweston says:

      Thanks Laura. I’m glad you’re enjoying the series. And now you only have a week to wait for Shimmer. 🙂

  5. Hi paula,
    i simply loved both the books… they have quite a different take to them, than all the other nephilim related books… i finished both the books in 2 days straight, as i couldn’t put it down. i am just keeping my fingers crossed for the 3rd one, hoping if u could possibly release it early and i would also like to give both the books 5 on 5 stars 😀

    1. paulaweston says:

      Thanks Sanjana. I don’t know about an early release for Shimmer, but I’m working as fast as I can. 🙂

  6. Taylah says:

    Hi Paula! My name is Taylah and i’m in year 8, and i just wanted you to know how much I LOVED the Rephaim series! I read Shadows last year, me and my friends were obsessed with it! We were crazy about it and couldn’t believe we had to wait so long for the next installment. But now that Haze is finally here I know the wait was worth it, Haze is amazing! Do you know an approximate date that the 3rd book will be released? Thankyou for writing such a great story, I really enjoyed it, can’t wait for the next one! xxx

    1. paulaweston says:

      Hi Taylah,
      Thanks for the message! So glad you and your friends are enjoying the series. Book 3 (which is called Shimmer) should be out around this time next year. Sorry for the wait, but I’m still writing it! There will be four books all up, and they’ll all end up coming out about a year apart. I’d write faster if I could. 🙂

  7. Maria says:

    I’m from the US why is it not available here until September 10th and why is te kindle edition $10.99 when in the UK its $4.99

    1. Maria says:

      So I forgot that it is pounds not dollars but still why doesn’t it come out earlier I really don’t want to wait until September

      1. paulaweston says:

        Hello. My books are published by different publishing houses in different parts of the world, and they each have different release schedules and pricing structures. The timing of the US release is based on the release schedule of my North American publisher (Tundra). I have no control over release timing or pricing…Sorry for the wait!

  8. Starr Jamieson says:

    Hi Paula,

    I dedicated 5 hours yesterday to reading ‘Shadows’, and I felt compelled to drop you a line to thank you for writing such a refreshing read! I usually devour urban fantasy/paranormal fiction by skim reading, however every word you wrote held my attention and contributed to the film I was creating in my head.
    I didn’t realise you were an Australian author until a wallaby turned up in the story – I wonder if this adds to the fresh way you write? I was able to picture the locations with ease and felt more connected to the characters than I have in a very long time – thank you!

    Best, best wishes 🙂

    Starr 🙂

    1. paulaweston says:

      Thank you Starr for that lovely message. It means a lot to me. 🙂
      Best, best wishes to you too!

  9. Tina says:

    I was thrilled when I found out the setting of the book was in Australia, because I rarely read any book where the hero/heroine is from my country. I loved the characters and the plot was unforgettable. A bad-ass heroine who had lost her memory, was searching for her twin brother and was considered a legend among the Rephaim was just what I needed. Thank you and can’t wait for the next book!

    1. paulaweston says:

      Thanks Tina! 🙂

  10. Jules says:

    I am in love with Shadows i could not put it down once i started and read it in one night! I have now read it so many times i could probably quote most of it all by heart. I found it at the library i really dont want to take it back but i dont think ill be able to extend my loan anymore! Thats why my own copy is on the top of my christmas list. I can not wait for the next book my mind is spinning about what may or may not happen. One of the best things about this book is that its Australian. Ive waited for a long time for an aussie writer to capture my interest and you have finally done that for me. So thank you and i do escape from the other stuff in life every time i read it.

    1. paulaweston says:

      Thanks Jules! I love that you love it so much. 🙂 Only six months now until Haze…

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I’m the author of the Rephaim series and The Undercurrent.

For my day job, I’m a writer-journalist-professional communicator, where my writing involves a lot less profanity.

I grew up in regional South Australia and now live in the Scenic Rim with my husband and a retired greyhound.

If you’re interested in how I came to land a publishing deal, you can read the short version in this post from August 2011. There’s a longer version (in a guest post) here.

Paula Weston

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