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It’s been a busy six weeks since The Undercurrent was released here in Australia. I’ve had the chance to talk about the new novel  on air, online and in print, which I’ve really appreciated. I’ve put together a few links below (as much for myself, so I have them in one place!):

And here are some of my favourite reactions to The Undercurrent:

Having a new book out is always nerve-wracking, so I appreciate the positive responses when they come. 🙂

In Melbourne, The Sun Bookshop’s Younger Sun YA Book Club is reading The Undercurrent and chatting about it over pizza on 3 October (6pm-7pm). More details here.

If you live in Brisbane and are keen to discuss The Undercurrent, I’ll be joining Trent Jamieson and Avid Reader’s Science Fiction & Fantasy Bookclub next month on Monday 30 October (6.30pm-8pm). You can book and find out more here.


  1. Lynn says:

    Hi Paula! 🙂

    Readers have probably asked you this question a million times, but do you already know anything about the European release of The Undercurrent? I live in the Netherlands and I want to read it SO bad! I’m a huge fan of your books, so I’m really looking forward to The Undercurrent 😀

    – Lynn

    1. Paula Weston says:

      Hi Lynn,
      Sorry for late reply! I don’t have any word on European release dates, but will post any news on this site. Thanks for your message. Glad you enjoyed the Rephaim series!

      1. Lynn says:

        Hi Paula,

        Oh, that’s too bad, but thank you for your reply! I’ll just keep my eyes open then ;D (and re-read the Rephaim Series, haha!)


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