Shadows (The Rephaim Book I)

It’s almost a year since Gaby Winters watched her twin brother die.
In the sunshine of a new town her body has healed, but her grief is raw and constant.
It doesn’t help that every night in her dreams she fights and kills hell-beasts.
And then Rafa comes to town and tells her things about her brother and her life that cannot be true, things that are dangerous.
Who is Rafa?
Who are the Rephaim?
And who is Gaby?
The truth lies in the shadows of her nightmares.

‘Aussie author Paula Weston’s debut is a fast-paced, sensational ride, which screams “read me” and “turn me into a movie”. There are echoes of TV’s Supernatural here, with vibrant, well-realised characters and snappy, cool dialogue.’

Scott Moore, SA Weekend Review

‘Shadows’ fast-paced narrative, risqué romance and snappy dialogue kept me absolutely hooked and I stayed up late into the night to finish this book. It is great to see an Australian author take on this genre with such confidence. Although it is a well-worn theme, the warmth of the characters and the Australian colloquialisms made it fresh and extremely endearing. The smart-mouthed character of Rafa kicked the Edwards, Peters and Jacobs of the YA world to the curb. If only he were real…’

Sun Bookshop

Shadows is a fast-paced paranormal which refreshingly portrays a strong, feisty heroine who isn’t too bogged down in self-esteem issues and being distracted by the ‘beautiful,’ dreamy supernatural guy…’

The Australian Bookshelf

‘Highly recommended.’

Western Australian School Library Association

‘If you told me last week that I’d be fan-girling over a YA urban fantasy series I would’ve stared at you blankly then hurled a copy of Friday Brown at your face. *Quietly eats hat*
I loved this book.

Trinity Doyle (author, Pieces of Sky)

‘I have to say that this is in my top of 2012 reads and I’m so glad I picked it up. I can’t wait for the next in this series. If you’re looking for the next incredible paranormal, fallen angel type story… look no further because this is it.’

Fic Fare

‘O-M-freakin-G…. This book was AWESOME! So, so, good. Quite possibly my fave Aussie release this year.’


‘A fab book. One of the best angel books I’ve read if not the best with brilliant characters and its own take in the genre which I had previously sworn myself off.’

The Overflowing Library

‘Shadows is a fast-paced, page-turner with likable and believable characters.’

State Library of Victoria


  • Australia and New Zealand (Text Publishing)
  • United Kingdom (Indigo Books – Hachette Children’s Group)
  • Canada & United States (Tundra Books/Random House Canada)
  • Turkey (Turkish)  (Yabanci Yayinlari)
  • Everywhere else (English language): check your local book stores or try Amazon (for hard copy and kindle editions)


  1. sarah says:

    Hi Paula
    Love the series
    Is there by any chance thoughts on a movie to be made based on the series or the individual books.

    1. paulaweston says:

      Hi Sarah. Glad you’re enjoying the series. 🙂 Whether or not The Rephaim series is adapted to film (or TV) will be entirely up to a producer/studio being interested in doing so. As far as I’m aware, there hasn’t been interest to date. There really are only a tiny number of books optioned for films – let alone green lit as viable projects – compared to the number of books published each year. But you know, many of us writers live in hope that our work will be discovered by someone with the right budget and creative approach. 🙂

  2. Megan says:

    I just finished this book! I read anything I can get my hands on, but for the last 6 months nothing has held my attention past chapter two. I could not set Shadows down!!! It was such a neat twist and refreshing difference from all the other genres out there! What a great book. I can’t wait until the others come out!

    1. paulaweston says:

      Thanks Megan. I really appreciate the feedback and am so pleased you liked it. 🙂

  3. kw531 says:

    Soooo, any plans for an audiobook version?

    1. paulaweston says:

      I’m not aware of any plans at this stage, but I’ll make some enquiries. 🙂

      1. Krystle says:

        Audio versions of your books would be fantastic – my sister is dyslexic and can’t read the books otherwise; I have spoken so highly of your books, she feels she’s missing out. And she is!

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